Republic of Guatemala

Picture : Guatemala
: Guatemala City
: +502
: 108 8892 km²
: food production, tobacco, textiles, wood, saddlery and metallurgy.
: 17 263 239 hab. (2018)4
: Quetzal (Q, GTQ)
: Spanish
: Articles of clothing, sugar, bananas, coffee, edible fats and oils, precious and semi-precious stones and metals, plastic materials and their manufactures, pharmaceuticals, lead and fresh, dried and frozen fruits.

Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico, has volcanoes, tropical forests and ancient Mayan sites. The capital, Guatemala City, has the imposing National Palace of Culture and the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Antigua Guatemala, west of the capital, contains preserved Spanish colonial buildings. Lake Atitlán, formed into a huge volcanic crater, is surrounded by coffee fields and villages.

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